Rental Refresh

Haley Bond Creative offers design services to help you upgrade your rental apartment. Renting an apartment comes with its limitations but there’s no reason that you can’t live in a home that is as polished as one you would own. Together we look at your lease and budget to come up with smaller affordable changes that will maximize your living space.


You CAN take it with you…

Since rentals are temporary, we make many changes that you can transport. The idea is that everything is reversible. If you paint a wall, you can always paint over it upon moving out. You put in a light, we uninstall it and you can take it with you to your next home. We offer services to help you transition should you chose to move.

laura's dresser.png


Haley’s had so many great ideas for my small studio space and took all of these photos and smaller pieces of art I had sort of scattered around and created a gorgeous gallery wall that feels eclectic and inviting as you walk into the space. She’s got a great eye for creating comfort and sophistication!
— Ben F. • Midtown West
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— Claire C.